Blackjack Science Background

Throughout history, MIT Blackjack teams have taken millions of dollars from casinos around the world, by training students to play the game scientifically.  Their exploits have been well documented in the media, including ABC News, the History Channel, best selling books, and big screen Hollywood movies.

Semyon Dukach, a famed manager and member of the MIT teams of the 1990s, created Blackjack Science in order to share his secrets with the world.  Today, it is our mission to carry on this tradition with our dedication to helping like-minded students develop the skills necessary to beat the casinos.

We welcome you to Blackjack Science, the ultimate online resource for training, consulting, information and techniques on Blackjack and various other casino advantage plays. We welcome your comments and suggestions.


Ed Teller
Advantage Player, Team Manager, Coach

Anthony Bailey
Advantage Player, Coach, MIT Team Player