Three Card Poker - Hole Card Strategy

Qualification to Purchase
Customer must be a subscriber in good standing with Blackjack Science University and may be required to show proof of employment or suitable references to confirm they are not associated monetarially with anyone in the casino industry. BJS reserves the right to refuse sale of this product to anyone for any reason or no reason at all.

Upon completion, the player wll have the requisite information necessary to develop the ability to use the information available to make all plays correctly.


  • Basic Strategy for TCP 3rd Street (study charts provided)
  • Player Checkout Procedures
  • Guidance for appropriate betting structures and bankroll influences
  • Advantage/Disadvantage of various casino rules

Software for Game Evaluation
Three Card Poker Hole Card Analyzer [Excel copy provided with purchase]
Training on use of Analyzer

Playing guidance on cover, structure, and comportment
Phone, text & email  access to instructor for 30 days