Basic Strategy and Card Counting Training System!

The Blackjack Science Basic Strategy and Card Counting Training System is a powerful yet easy to learn method for learning to play professional level blackjack.

It will teach you the fastest and most comprehensive method for learning Basic Strategy - the foundation of winning blackjack!

Additionally it will teach you the Hi Lo counting system, used by individuals and blackjack teams throughout the world. Finally it will teach you the 22 most powerful professional level plays that amateurs rarely do!


The system includes 28 flash cards that teach the mathematically correct play for all blackjack hands. It includes a set 52 playing cards on the back of the training cards for easy hands on playing and card counting practice. Additionally, the system includes the Illustrious 18 and Fab 4 departure plays, the 22 most powerful plays made by professional blackjack players.

The Training system is designed for ease of learning and for quick application in the casino. It includes summary Basic Strategy reminder cards for taking with you to the casino. It also includes a reminder card for the professional departure plays.

Blackjack Science also includes a free web based video for your training system. Order now and begin your training!!!



  • Basic Strategy
    • 28 Flash Cards
    • Rules Variations
    • Practice System

  • Basic Strategy Departures
    •   22 Flash Cards
    •   Illustrious 18 & Fab 4 Departures

  • HiLo Card Counting
    •   Deck of Playing Cards for Practice
    •   Drills for learning
    •   True Count Conversion


7 Instruction Cards

The system include detailed instructions but also has this web video supplement to expand on certain techniques and topics. See you instructions for how to access the video.