Bankroll & Risk Management One-on-One Webinar

Personal Webinar focusing on bet sizing, bankroll sizing and risk management. We will work with you in developing bet sizes and understanding risk tolerances tailored to your situation.

"Blackjack Game Analysis & Bet Design Software"

Using our custom excel software, "Blackjack Game Analysis & Bet Design", we will conduct  "if --- then" comparisons to help you define bet ramps and risk levels for specific inputs.

When completed you will have a working understanding of the risk management concepts of Risk of Ruin and Kelly bet sizing AND how they effect your playing decisions.

We will provide:

  • Optimal Bet Report for up to five different games.
  • Customized Bankroll Analysis Report.
  • Two phone consultations (before and after).
  • Recommendation to purchase "Blackjack Game Analysis & Bet Design" excel software to perform your own analysis.