Nathaniel Tilton Speaking Engagement


Nathaniel Tilton is a personal-wealth advisor, philanthropist, advantage player, and blackjack consultant. Raised in Kennebunkport, Maine, he attended the University of New Hampshire, where he graduated with a degree in sports management and a minor in business. He worked on the business side of professional sports before transitioning to the world of finance.

In a example of “student becoming teacher,” Nathaniel Tilton rose from blackjack obscurity to one of the more talented players in the blackjack community. It began in 2005, when Tilton attended a Blackjack Science seminar that proved to be his launching pad into his blackjack career.  From there, he received further instruction from other members of the famed MIT Blackjack Team, who recognized his great potential.

Over time, Tilton not only developed world-class card counting skills, but he and another playing partner perfected the two-man game of team play, including unique back counting techniques, table signaling, bet coordination, and in-session strategy variation.

Since his retirement from the game of blackjack, Tilton has been featured in the August 2012 issue of Cigar Aficionado in a piece on gambling and investing.  In addition, he penned The Blackjack Life, a narrative of his personal journey as a card counter, with an instructional focus on playing strategies for small team play. 

Treat your group to a talk by Nathaniel Tilton, author of Blackjack Life and accomplished blackjack team player. Nathaniel's story of the clandestine trip through high finance and the seedy world of casino blackjack is both a delightfully entertaining story and an instruction manual for those seeking this path.

Let Nathaniel share his journey.

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