Advantage Team Management Service

Our experienced team manager will provide the needed structure, accounting and support for your team of two or more advantage players. Our scope of services include blackjack, hole carding, shuffle tracking, and video poker/slots/promotions.

We can perform some, or all, of the following functions on your behalf:

  • Player Certification Requirements
  • Conduct Player Certifications
  • Player recruiting
  • Player Training for Blackjack and other advantage plays
  • Game & Bet Protocols
  • Playing Protocols
  • Policy Manual
  • Session Record Keeping
  • Cash Accounting & Controls
  • Expense Policies and management
  • Accounting, complete financial and player analysis
  • Revenue sharing design/Compensation structure
  • Team/Investor Reporting
  • Planning Assistance
  • Advantage Play consulting
  • Other, as needed


We will be happy to discuss your needs and our rates for the desired services. Typically, we have a nominal setup fee and a revenue sharing agreement, all tailored to your requirements.

Contact: for more information.