Blackjack Certification

Many players want assistance in verifying their abilities prior to risking their hard earned money in a casino. This service provides that assurance.

It should be noted that these certification procedures are designed to identify qualified players, not train them. Few players now or in the past, successfully complete the testing process the first time. Frankly, the thought of subjecting yourself to such inspections is somewhat intimidating.

We are mindful (we took these test also some time ago) of the stress and do everything we can to make it fun, constructive and effective. We are not here to embarrass you.

In preparation and upon purchase, you will be scheduled for a short one on one Webinar to present the details of the certification and what is the expected level of competence prior to traveling. For example, it would be a waste of your money and our time for you to show up and not know anything less than 100% of basic strategy.

Using team certification techniques tailored to individuals, we will provide and conduct testing protocols for Basic Strategy, Card Counting, True Count conversion, deviations and adherence to your betting structure.

We will also utilize a software test (Casino Verite, recommended by Blackjack Science and available from to validate your technical proficiency at all the skills. Then a blackjack table playing test that "puts it all together". And finally, if practical, an "in casino" test where one of our coaches will play with you.

Each test will provide clear measured goals for completion and success.

You will be provided feedback on all aspects of your game along with suggestion on how to improve if needed. At the completion, you will have a clear understanding of your skill set and a well defined set of protocols to conduct your own skill checks going forward. If you have Casino Verite software we will provide a protocol for monthly self testing of technical skills and emailing the results to us for review and feedback.

When successful completed, you will be "casino ready" for the journey ahead.

These test may be completed in less than one day presuming the player competence is sufficient to pass successfully. Otherwise, an additional half day may be required for remedial work and retesting. Should you not complete the certification successfully, we offer a "do over" at some mutually agreed time.

These test are available on a mutually agreed basis in either Las Vegas or in Charlotte, NC or any other mutually agreed venue.