Guest University


Wholesale Cards

Box of Training Systems
Price: $2214.00

Private Mentoring

A 3 month experience with personal attention by one of our coaches. Objective is to prepare student for blackjack as a card counter with all the skills.
Price: $1000.00

Bankroll & Risk Management One-on-One Webinar

When completed you will have bet structures tailored to your situation and have a working understaning of RoR and Kelly.
Price: $200.00

Blackjack Certification

MIT style player certification to insure competence.
Price: $500.00

Advantage Team Management Service

Our experienced team manager will provide the needed structure, accounting and support for your team of two or more advantage players.
Price: $0.00

Hi-Limit Executive Services

We offer our Executive Services to those people who want an "in-casino" seasoned advantage player to assist them while playing.
Price: $1588.75

Private Consulting

Want to spend a day with a seasoned advantage player and get your questions answered and the guidance you need?
Price: $750.00

Ed Teller Speaking Engagement

AP. Coach, Team Manager, Software Author
Price: $2000.00

Nathaniel Tilton Speaking Engagement

A talented author, advantage players and team leader who rose from blackjack obscurity to one of the more talented players in the blackjack community.
Price: $5000.00

Anthony Bailey Speaking Engagement

A 30+ year advantage player with all the stories about the good the bad and the ugly!
Price: $4000.00

Semyon Dukach Speaking Engagement

The famous, and infamous, Russian arms dealer that made history with the MIT teams and their exploits.
Price: $50000.00