Shortcut for Index Play

By: BJS 2015-06-17

For close calls just go with BS. Not much there if it is a close index play. Insurance and splitting TT are probably the only ones that gain EV quick enough after the index is exceeded to make close calculations worth it and you don't want to look like you are thinking about those decisions hard. Why waste your time or look like you are thinking to hard for next to nothing. The quick way for me is to multiply the index by decks remaining for a greater than or equal to running count index play barrier for the current situation. Division just takes more thought for me. I just know the answer to the multiplication problems associated with table decisions without thinking about it. I just assume most people find multiplication a quicker way to solve the decision than division. Multiply index for the play times the number of decks left to play and compare the product to the current RC in a simple greater than or equal to relationship.

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