How to act during a back off!

By: BJS 2015-07-28

Consider a confrontation with a casino employee, particularly a security guard, to be the same as a confrontation with an unpredictable wild animal. Do not expect that they will obey laws or act reasonably or rationally.

Never voluntarily go anywhere out of public view with a casino employee. If they want to backroom you, make them do it by illegally using force against you. Once they have made the decision to back you off or 86 you, there is nothing to be gained by any discussion with them. You will not be able to change their mind or reason with them.

Do not show ID or to stand there while they read you the trespass act. Pick up your chips, say nothing, and walk towards the nearest exit. Do not go to the cage to try to cash your chips. Do not say anything to anyone. If they try to “detain” you or interfere with your departure, tell them, “I am attempting to leave. Do not interfere with me leaving.” Do not make any gestures or movements that may be interpreted as aggressive towards them. Do not expect help from bystanders or police if casino employees commit a crime against you. Just get out of there safely if you can. Your physical safety is more important than anything else at that point. Do not believe anything they say, and do not trust them. Move quickly, but do not run. Running might give security goons a seemingly plausible excuse to attack you. If you car is in the parking lot or in valet, have someone retrieve it for you later. Do not go to your car when being 86’d.

If you are assaulted or physically detained, do not fight; do not threaten them, etc. Do not consent to anything. Do not sign anything. Do not admit to anything. When in a casino, understand that you are in lawless territory where the normal laws and rules of society do not apply. Let your attorney deal with them later. Try to get out as quickly as you can with as little personal harm as you can.


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