Our mission is to offer products and services to enhance the skills of players from beginner to advanced. We offer training, support, and related products and services to everyone from individual recreational players to multi-player professional teams. It is our goal to effectively assist you in taking your game to the highest level through our online products, easy to use self training tools, mentoring programs and our own Blackjack Science University.

Our heritage comes from the MIT Blackjack Teams and we continue the excellence and techniques they created and used so effectively. We are a unique group of practitioners that focus on training and information AND AT THE SAME TIME are active in playing and managing teams  throughout the country.

At Blackjack Science, we focus on the fundamentals first, helping our students become flawless in their skill sets before moving on to more advanced techniques and strategies.  

The core of the game and the potential for player advantage is based on one thing: "Science".   If you're interested in playing a winning game of Blackjack, the science is where you should begin.  

Whether you are looking for a way to begin or you are looking for that additional edge, we welcome you here to Blackjack Science!

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Ed Teller
Advantage Player, Team Manager, Coach

Anthony Bailey
Advantage Player, Coach, MIT Team Player